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                Jiangsu sampling silk was nearly half failed to distinguish between true and false silk quilt

                Author:admin   Time:2016-12-30 02-05-06

                The day before, Jiangsu province Industrial and Commercial Bureau released 2016 annual circulation of Home Furnishing goods quality sampling results showed that 50 batches of 23 batches of substandard, from my city market sampling found 6 batches of substandard. Quality inspection experts to remind the public, the majority of consumers can not be judged directly from the appearance of the quality of silk, but can be judged from the price of the original, less than 400 yuan per kilogram of silk quality is difficult to guarantee.

                Nearly half of the silk was unqualified

                According to industry and commerce department personnel, silk is a natural fiber products, with excellent thermal and moisture absorption, but also anti mite skin, but with the expansion of the market, the quality of silk was mixed.

                This year the province a total of 50 batches of samples were silk samples, involving Yangzhou, Nantong, Nanjing, the 3 regions. Prices ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. After testing, 23 batches of substandard, the pass rate of 54%. Reporters noted that the city has a total of 6 batches of substandard, Baoying, Gaoyou and the two cities.

                From the city's failure to see the situation, the basic are from large shopping malls, trademarks involving small sheep, Cheng Hong and other major brands of home textiles, but not involved in the production of silk has been non enterprise.

                Tussah silk

                The composition and content of fiber is an important index for the performance of silk. The test, the city found a total of 1 batches of goods this project does not meet the standard requirements. The batch of products labeled fiber content in the silk content of "Silk 10 + 3", and the actual detection of "tussah silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk, silk and silk."".

                According to reports, the silk is the composition of the filler has an important impact on the level of product prices. The same as silk, mulberry silk and tussah silk prices will be much worse, therefore, marking errors for consumers to judge the value of the product.

                Duanjinqueliang phenomenon, use non-standard problems are more prominent.

                What is the difference between Kopoussan silk and tussah silk?

                Careful attention to the public, silk was marked on the filler in addition to other synthetic fibers, as well as mulberry silk and tussah silk points, then what is the difference between these two kinds of silk? Hanjiang District Market Authority staff conducted a science, silk is mainly produced in the south, is to eat mulberry silkworm silk spit; tussah silk is produced in the north, is eating oak leaves the tussah silk spit, is a kind of wild silkworm. The difference is reflected in the color, texture, fiber length, silk color white, delicate, stretched to one or two meters are not broken, with a brown, tussah silk feel is rough, poor tensile properties.

                "In the price, the mulberry silk is generally higher than the tussah silk." Market regulators said that at present, a 1 kg of ordinary mulberry silk was the direct cost should be around $400. Below the price, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of silk.

                "84 disinfectant" can identify true and false silk

                The public can do an experiment at home, the tussah silk and mulberry silk into a container with "84 disinfectant solution", after a few minutes, mulberry silk and tussah silk is dissolved, after the dissolution of tussah silk was yellow and white silk; if the cotton into a container of 84 disinfectant. A few minutes later will find that cotton cannot be dissolved.

                It is understood that the main component of natural silk is the animal protein, due to the "84 disinfectant containing hypochlorous acid, protein met hypochlorous acid reacts quickly, degeneration, while cotton is plant fiber, so it cannot be dissolved in the" 84 disinfectant solution ".

                Silk and synthetic fiber

                The real silk when burning with the smell of burning hair is the same, the process of burning smoke-free, fast out of the smoke, the residue is loose and crisp black particles, a pinch on the broken. If it is synthetic fiber, the combustion will be black smoke, burning plastic bags that pungent smell, the residue pinch is not broken, will form lumps.

                In addition, the quality of silk appearance with a pearly luster, less impurities, clean and neat and orderly road. And the poor quality of silk, often colored impurities, silk road chaos.